On cleanliness

While at camp, I sat down at a round table to discuss the struggles of working a full time job and starting a small business. I told of my personal struggles. Mostly, how annoyed I am that I work a long day, then come home and have to do chores and then try to find time to do my business.

Then a woman next to me pipped up, “Why don’t you just not clean?” I was stumped. I hadn’t really thought about it. I figured I might as well give it a try!

And now I know why it won’t work.

For the first week after the retreat, I put this new idea to practice. Of course, I did important things, like keep our dishes clean. But as far as the general clutter, I just left it. I got as far as Thursday. Mon-Wed went mostly alright, and then Thursday it went to shit. I found out the bath bombs I’d made the night before were made with too much oil and wouldn’t firm up and solidify. A few had even not stuck together to create the ball look of a bath bomb. I had just wasted supplies and a lot of time on a batch that went to shit. So I said, fuck it. I’m not doing any more today, I’m just going to clean this mess.

And so I cleaned, and I cleaned, and I reorganized. You know what happened for the next few days after?

I felt more creative.

Chaos and clutter absolutely stress me out in an environment. Except, I don’t always notice it. Everything feels harder. Especially, when I’ve piled it up for multiple days. Then it just looks like endless chores and lots of housework.

But when my environment is clean, it’s easier. I have nothing to worry about and all the space to work with. My brain actually just feels happier. Although, I understand we are all different humans. I bet for some people leaving the mess works totally fine.

And so that’s why I’m going to abide more so by what my friend at the same round table asked me right after that, “Can your boyfriend help you do it?” Yeah, he can. I’ll just bug my boyfriend to do it more too 🙂


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