On making it happen

I’ve always been a big proponent of the phrase, “Fake it till you make it.” When I am put into new roles or situations, I start asking myself “What would someone else in this position do?” I then would mimic those behaviors and, therefore, faked it until I was making it happen.

Which, honestly, is exactly what I’m doing with my business so far. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m seriously just figuring it out as I go. It’s not like I went to college for a Business Degree, so now I am constantly left asking myself, “What would a small business owner do?”

This is one reason I have been totally syked about all of the connections I’ve made in the last month and a half. I’ve had so many learning moments with people way ahead of me in the game. There have been so many people by my side either encouraging me or advising me or both!

I feel like some special shout outs are in order:

I could have never applied for my business license if it weren’t for Jenny McLeod’s book, How to Become Self-Employed in Seattle. Jenny does an amazing job of breaking things down into easy step-by-step ways. Her book is written so you can work at your own pace. You don’t have to read it all chronologically, you can just jump around to whatever you need. My other favorite part is how she just takes away the pressured feeling of starting a business. Instead, she encourages us to follow in her foot steps and just do it.

Forever ago, Braddington was only an idea. I bought a few business books and then was hung up on the “create a business plan” and even more so on the “get a loan” part. Retrospectively, it’s probably what made me fall out of Braddington a couple years ago. It felt daunting. And the more I didn’t do it, the worse I felt for not doing it.
And so I continued to not do it for a couple years. So, it was a huge relief when I discovered Jenny’s book and realized I could just start doing it and figure out the rest along the way.

I’m also thankful for some other amazing connection I’ve made. Most of them have stemmed from my wonderful visit to Camp Thundercraft. A cabin mate of mine mentioned looking into a group called the Rising Tide Society. They host monthly meet up groups with small business entrepreneurs. I researched it and joined the Snohomish, WA group. I’ve attended the last couple months and it’s so nice being able to meet up with like-minded people struggling with similar problems and sharing ideas.

One of my coworkers at my day job has been a huge help too. Mary, owner of Cutebricks (Lego jewelry), attended Camp Thundercraft with me and she’s been the one I’ve turned to with literally a million questions. She’s been running her small biz for about 7 years now and her stuff is amazing! I’m so thankful to have another, more experienced small business owner as a coworker because I have someone there to answer even the simplest of questions. Examples include, “How much money do I take to a farmers market?”, “What’s the difference between a city license and a UBI?” “Do you hand out bags with your product at shows? Should I?”

And finally, one last big shout out to my friends, coworkers and family for constantly encouraging me on this crazy adventure! Your encouragement, love, and support has meant more to me than you’ll ever know.

And thank you to my wonderful boyfriend, Leaf. He’s dealt with my moments of doubt, panic, and stress and has somehow kept me standing strong and with my head on my own two shoulders still. Thanks, babe!

So, here I am now – just doing it!

And I’m (obviously) so incredibly thankful for all of these people above for giving me what I needed to make it happen.

I’m still taking it one step at a time and seeking out resources. I’m learning as I go, and that’s totally okay. And, in fact, it works better for me.

A month ago, I applied for a business license. Last weekend was my first Farmers Market. I’ve reached so many goals that seemed “unreachable” just a few months ago with just a little bravery, passion, research and, mostly, just faking it until I made it.

I’m excited to see where things go from here.

Lots of love!

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