Behind the Blog

Hi! I’m Angela. I began Braddington as a way to share my love of crafts with the Blogosphere. I specialize in bath crafts. I love handmade bath goodies for many reasons. You can always customize them to however you’d like AND you can minimize the over-exposure of unnecessary chemicals that most big chains contain in their products. Depending on the day, I also dabble in making crafts for around the home and recipes. Because I love food. Like, super love food.

I’ve also recently started selling my products and handmade soaps on Etsy. You should check it out!

-About Me-

I’m a Northwestern Girl at heart. I love being surrounded by mountains, oceans, and big coniferous trees. I attended college at Western Washington University and received my BA in Sociology in 2015. After graduating, I made the bold move over to the Mid-atlantic and resided in Maryland. While the change of scenery was refreshing, I will be honest with you – I haaaated it. I didn’t have many friends, barely got out of the house, and was basically a housewife. It was in that time I learned I am much too much of a busy body to be confined in the home.

So here I am now! Back in the Northwest and loving all it has to offer. You can find me in Mukilteo, WA or working at my full time job as an Assistant Sales Manager.

Why did you chose the name Braddington?

A long time ago, I visited a local animal shelter to pick out a furry companion. I was dying to see a cat named Brad who was described as “a big boy.” Now, I can’t necessarily explain to you why, but I love fat, chubby cats. They’re just so endearing and make the best snuggle companions. When I first got to hold Brad, he curled up in my lap, looked straight into my eyes and meowed at me. In that moment, he solidified that he would be my cat.

So yes, I named my company after my cat. Because he’s one of the coolest cats I know.

My other favorite furball is our tuxedo cat named Kitten. Yes, his name is kitten. Yes, he is a full grown cat. After adopting him from a shelter, we took too long picking out a name and now he only responds to kitten.

Te cats


-Boring Stuff-

While I may write on the supposed benefits of the properties in essential oils and other products, I am in no way a healer. If you need professional advice, please seek out an actual professional.

I will edit or delete blog comments as I see fit. This is if they are offensive, vulgar, or have the possibility of being spam.

All photos and graphics are of my own and if they are not, I will claim otherwise. Pretty please do not copy, sell, plagiarize or duplicate any of my blog without first seeking my permission first.

Braddington is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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