Pretty & Pink Whipped Sugar Scrub

My favorite reason for making bath and beauty crafts is for the major relaxation and pampering they provide. As we already know, sugar scrubs are kind of my favorite but I wanted to try something a little different this time. I saw a recipe for a whipped sugar scrub on Pinterest and wanted to try it out. … Continue reading Pretty & Pink Whipped Sugar Scrub


Earl Grey Sugar Scrub

If you're like me, the best way to snuggle up on a rainy day is on the couch with Netflix, a cat, and a warm cup of tea. When I found this easy black tea sugar scrub recipe on Pinterest, I just had to give it a try! Of course, adding some twists of my own. … Continue reading Earl Grey Sugar Scrub

#FridayFoodDay – Pumpkin Curry Soup

It's fall which means it's the season of pumpkin flavored everything. Like a typical "basic" lady, I love all things pumpkin. A couple years back, my then roommate introduced me to pumpkin curry soup. I'm a sucker for some good curry so this meal was the perfect fall fix for me. I got a hankering for … Continue reading #FridayFoodDay – Pumpkin Curry Soup

#FridayFoodDay – Chocolate Turkey Chili

Chili has always been one of my favorite meals to help me keep warm on cold days. There's something about the spicy and heartyness of the meal that just makes a person feel nice and cozy. One day while working at a previous place of employment, my coworkers and I were discussing our favorite recipes. … Continue reading #FridayFoodDay – Chocolate Turkey Chili