DIY Clay Face Mask!

I've been dying for an easy, DIY face mask. This recipe utilizes Yellow Brazilian Clay and Goat's Milk Powder. Brazilian clays are all-natural colorants that have various minerals included in the material that result in their fun colors! I've added Goat's Milk Powder to this recipe for some added moisturizing benefits. Naturally, I chose Lavendar … Continue reading DIY Clay Face Mask!


Sock Cat Toys

This last weekend was one of our kitties birthdays. Happy birthday, Bradley! I adopted this adorable furball two holiday seasons ago and he continues to amaze us. When we moved cross country we were worried about how the cats would handle the seven day car trip, and Brad was a pro! He just snuggled up in … Continue reading Sock Cat Toys

Sugar Skull Bath Bombs

It's finally October! A month of ghosts, ghouls, and everything spooktacular. This past week while we were out doing our weekly grocery shopping, we spotted something adorable in the Halloween section: a sugar skull cookie cutter! While some may have seen it as a fun and festive way to make some cookies, I saw it as something else … Continue reading Sugar Skull Bath Bombs